Oct 092012

This is truly brilliant!

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If your security system is at the point where it has to go up against a real thief, it’s already lost. The most effective systems are ones that are so good at security that they don’t have to do anything , which is why LaserScan works brilliantly even though it does not, in fact, provide any actual security whatsoever.

LaserScan is not designed to be a security system. It doesn’t have a motion detector, it doesn’t have an alarm, it can’t call for help, and it in fact it will blissfully ignore thieves, crooks, burglars, pilferers, Canadians, robbers, bandits, pirates, ninjas, zombies, ninjazombies, and pirateninjas. Here is what LaserScan will do: it will look like it’s impossibly sophisticated and secure and, hopefully, scare the socks off of anyone casing your joint.



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