Aug 022012

Keeping shoe soles clean is not always an easy thing to do, especially when the weather is capricious. As common doormats don’t do a very good job, someone had to come with a better idea.

Paionia Furyokuki, the designer of the suction mat that you are about to see, managed to shoot two birds with one stone. Cleaning dirty shoes is not the only problem, but also cleaning the doormat after superficially removing the dirt from the shoes. The suction mat, instead, cleans not only the shoes, but also itself.

As the designer of the suction mat stated, “So far, mats have often been rented to users, and if they get dirty, the user replaces or cleans them. But with our product, the mat itself suctions dirt, so the mat is always clean. This mat has an unusual concept, as the mat itself stops dirt from being carried into a building, by cleaning people’s shoes.”

Fortunately, the suction mat does not come with any bulky manual, as using it is quite intuitive. All that people need to do is to walk on it and wait for the suction mat to do its job. Judging by the demonstration presented in the following video, this unusual doormat is quite fast at cleaning the shoes and itself.


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