Jun 292012


Three brothers from Saline County took a break from harvest to make a music video. They wrote their own words to the LMFAO song ‘I’m sexy and I know it’. Their version is ‘I’m farming and I grow it’. For three minutes, they sing and dance in the fields and among cattle.

Greg, Nathan and Kendal Peterson created the video and the group known as “Peterson Farm Bros”. The goal is to promote agriculture and the importance of it.

The brothers say they owe all of their sucess to blue collar attitude they picked up in the world of agriculture.

“We didn’t think it would go all over the place, that was a surprise”, says group member Nathan Peterson.

“We haven’t really gone anywhere yet, kind of hesitant to go out in public right now”, adds the head of the group Greg Peterson.

So are the “Peterson Farm Bros” one-hit wonders or is this just one of many hits still to come from the heartland?

“We will probably try and do more, I’m not sure if we can be as good as the first one”, says youngest brother Kendal Peterson.

Greg Peterson said he came up with the lyrics while having a milk shake with close friends; their reaction led him to believe he was on to something.

In three short days the three brothers racked up over a quarter of a million YouTube video hits for their production.


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