Jan 012012

“It all began with the ominous death of a fox:” so begins the beautifully illustrated book Pincel de Zorro. An whimsical tale from Spanish author Sergio A. Sierra, the Japan based tale is complimented by wonderfully complex illustrations by Meritxell Ribas using a unique technique called grattage: paint is scraped off the page with a pointed tool, leaving only the canvas beneath.

Now the two creators have teamed up with music composer Albert Alay and animator Hug Codinach to create a short concept animation for the book. The look of this motion graphics piece is simply astounding, but it’s just a taste of what may follow: the team hope to one day bring the characters to life in a feature length film. Head to pinceldezorro.blogspot.com for more on the book and for future progress on their film work.

The technical secrets behind the piece: All illustrations were camera projected in C4D and composited in After Effects. The ink was generated with Turbulence 2D from Jawset and Hug Codinach used a Canon 5D MrkII to shoot the brush footage.


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