Dec 122011

Video Description:

Dog and horse play. Lucy and Whiskey Brown getting frisky in the back pasture. Lucy is a 2 year old mixed Portuguese Water Dog. Very special. The horse is one of a kind. He is a 4 year old Quarter Horse stallion. My two “pets” will always be together. They work as a pair, keeping the back pasture safe for me. I witnessed them both running side by side, chasing a wild hog. Coyotes are not welcome either. I have more videos of them. Will post when the time is right. Whiskey Brown likes to “wrestle” with me for fun. Guess that makes me a “horse wrestler”? I can get knicked and bruised up really fast. I’m not a kid any more but this makes me feel like a kid again. He can grab a hold of your clothes and make you wonder what he’s going to do next. He seems to know when to let off. Sometimes I have to say “uncle”. Other times I have to let him know what cannot be tolerated. He’s never tried to hurt anybody. Just wants to play. I’m comfortable with being around him, knowing he won’t do anything wrong even when he gets mad at something. An animal this big can hurt you before you know it. Must give him room to be an animal. He also has new company now. Just bought a pair of calves. It’s taking some time to get him used to them. Working them into the “family”. Lucy is already playing with them. If you would like to help Whiskey Brown and Lucy,(’cause I’m not rich), please send any donations to “The Trinity Valley Exposition” This 103 year old non-profit organization is nearby. Send in donations to Whiskey Brown’s name. Tell them he’s on YouTube. Maybe he and I can get some local recognition here. Owning a horse is something I’ve never done before. It’s a great experience but also a challenge. If something happens to me, I would want Whiskey Brown and Lucy to be well taken care of. I know the good people at the Trinity Valley Exposition are capable of doing just that. :)

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