Jan 062011

Now this is deep snow!

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a spectacular route through the Northern Japan Alps.

As many of you know, Japan is a country of contrasts in every aspect in this case the contrast of Okinawa where we can find white sandy beaches and the Japanese Alps about 3000 meters high in these mountains of Toyama Prefecture is the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route that connects the city of Toyama with the city of Omachi.

The section of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route linking the Tateyama station and Ogizawa only open from mid April to November, the reason for this hiatus is wintry snow, snow on this section reaches a thickness of 20 meters the most amazed of all is that in mid-April, much of the snow still lingers, so you have to make real corridors of ice to get through that stretch.





  • Josep

    I don’t think that this picture is taken in Japan. Could be taken in Arlber region of Austria

    • imageanalyst

      If you look carefully the license plate of the bus, you can tell that it is a japanese Commercial License Plate, which is green and rectangular. You don’t need any extra enhancement to notice the color.
      Austrian license plates are elongated with a white background and a blue stripe to the left, in accordance to the typical European format. If it was European bus (it is not), from this distance we should see a white bar

      And the extra information from the driving lane, driving on the left, it leaves no other choice but Japan.

    • Jonpon

      They don’t drive on the left in Austria, and that isn’t UK Australia or Africa so I think it probably is Japan.

  • I don’t think they still drive on the left hand side in Austria, not since 1938.

  • julia winters

    This picture surely cannot be real. How is it that small trees are growing on top of the snow? Wouldn’t they be buried under it?

    • Janeth

      These photos are REAL! Tateyama is in Toyama Prefecture in Japan.
      Take note that this scene is not on a low-land highway but on top of the mountain (Mt. Tateyama)..


  • Sheila Poirier

    Thanks for sharing the video, Janeth.