Just How “Slick” Is “Slick Willy”?

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Jan 312008

Just How “Slick” Is Bill Clinton?

Liberal media spin masters, in cahoots with the Democrat Party, have always portrayed Bill Clinton as the smartest man in Washington, perhaps the entire planet.

According to these pillars of wisdom, Clinton may in fact be the most intelligent being to have ever lived, including Jesus Christ, and excepting only Franklin Roosevelt, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and the mother of all leftists, Hillary.

The fact that Bill Clinton became ensnared in a sordid affair with a subordinate intern in the White House at the exact same time that his alleged sexual harassment of Paula Jones was being investigated by a special prosecutor and hostile U.S. Congress does not matter.

The fact that Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice does not matter.

The fact that Clinton was disbarred from practicing law in Arkansas and prohibited from arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court because of perjury and obstruction of justice does not matter.

The fact that Clinton avoided serving in the U.S. military, but protested America’s involvement in the Vietnam War on foreign soil does not matter.

The fact that Clinton refused to take Osama bin Laden into custody on two separate occasions does not matter.

The fact that Clinton destroyed morale in the U.S. military by implementing the “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” policy does not matter.

The fact that Clinton made “Don’t ask, don’t tell” the first item on his agenda after taking office does not matter.

The fact that Clinton chose to pardon several unsavory characters in the final hours of his term in office does not matter.

The fact that Clinton attempted to ram socialized health care down the throats of the American people by assigning the project to a non-elected, nonmedical twit—his wife Hillary—does not matter.

The fact that Clinton did irreparable harm to an entire generation of American youth by pretending that oral copulation is not really sex does not matter.

The fact that Clinton promoted a reckless, irresponsible attitude toward marital fidelity, promiscuity, and family values does not matter.

The fact that Clinton failed to provide an honorable and decent role model for America’s impressionable youth does not matter.

Despite all his disgusting and stupid behavior, leftists still regard Clinton as “too smart to measure” when it comes to IQ points.

On a “brilliance” scale of 1 to 10, liberals inevitably score Clinton as a 30.

But given Bill Clinton’s recent performance on the campaign trail for Hillary, one suspects that Slick’s image as a genius may be cause for some serious second thinking, even by dedicated leftists.

For instance, Caroline and Ted Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton just this past week. Senator Kennedy expressed concern about Slick’s race-baiting and endless struggle with the truth.

John Kerry also jumped aboard the Obama train, to the consternation of the Clinton camp and Slick. A growing number of liberals are asking Slick to butt out in order to save Hillary’s wrinkled skin.

Al Sharpton said it best when he bluntly ordered Slick to “shut up!” after the former president had blind sided Obama with another unethical attack.

Several weeks ago, Slick even suggested that once Hillary was stuffed away in the Oval office, Bush-41 and Slick himself should be sent on a global mission to repair the incredible damage inflicted on the image of the U.S. by the present President Bush, who just happens to be the son of Bush-41.

That bit of tawdry hillbilly illogic was quickly put to rest by Bush-41 the next day.

Nonetheless, the question remains: How in the world can a person of “superior intelligence” even utter something so nonsensical?

Which leads one to another question: Just How “Slick” Is Bill Clinton?

Pakistani Officials Believe A “high-value” al-Qaeda Target Was Killed In A Missile Strike

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Jan 302008

Hopefully it was Osama bin Laden or his trusty sidekick Ayman al Zawahri. I’ll even settle for that goat romancing traitor Adam Gadahn. Anyway whoever it is… Rest in pieces!

Global Incident Map.

Terror Leader Killed in Missile Strike?

Pakistani intelligence sources say they believe a “high-value” al Qaeda target was killed in a missile strike yesterday in the country’s tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

U.S. officials said there was no indication that the target was Osama bin Laden or his deputy Ayman al Zawahri, but one senior official told ABCNews.com the strike was aimed at one particular figure.

“We don’t know whether we got him yet, we are sorting through it,” the official said, indicating the intended target was a top leader of the terror group.

The official also ruled out as a target American al Qaeda Adam Gadahn, who appeared recently in a propaganda videotape.

“Gadahn may be recognizable to all of you, but he is really not that high up on the food chain in al Qaeda and not that important,” the official said.

Pakistani officials initially said that 12 suspected militants had been killed in a midnight strike against a home in a village in North Waziristan, Khushali Torikhel.

Both the Pakistani military and the CIA have used missile attacks in the past to target top al Qaeda leaders.

The CIA uses missiles attached to the unmanned Predator aircraft which fly over Pakistani airspace with tacit Pakistani government approval.

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Baking Soda

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Jan 302008

Really? You can do that with baking soda

Everyone knows this kitchen staple fights odors in the fridge. What we didn’t know is just how darn useful it is everywhere else in the house.

1. Remove tape residue

Make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Rub the paste onto bits of tape stuck to windows, then wipe clean.

2. Douse flames

Keep a box of baking soda in your workshop or kitchen to sprinkle on a fire if one breaks out.

3. Zap roaches

Set out a shallow dish or bowl containing equal parts sugar and baking soda. Roaches are attracted to the sugar, but the mixture is deadly to them.

4. Spot-clean a rug

Sprinkle baking soda on greasy spots and let sit for about an hour. Scrub gently with a damp sponge or brush, then vacuum to remove any leftover grime.

5. Absorb moisture

Keep an open box of baking soda in your tool cabinet to fend off moisture that could rust saws or other equipment.

6. Keep drains clear

Once a week, pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down your kitchen sink. It’ll help keep your pipes clog-free. This Old House: Clear any clogged drain

7. Clean a shower door

Pour some baking soda on a damp sponge, wipe the door, and rinse with warm water. This Old House: Installing a shower door

8. Uncrust your grill

Sprinkle baking soda directly on an indoor or outdoor grill. Let sit overnight, then slough off the grime with a wire brush and warm water. This Old House: Grill Maintenance

9. Scrub your paws

Rubbing your hands with warm water and a palmful of baking soda will remove stubborn odors.

10. Banish book odors

Seal musty-smelling books for a few weeks in a plastic bag with baking soda sprinkled inside to eliminate mildew and odors.

Cheeseburger In A Can

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Jan 292008

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Well have I got the solution for you! Ladies and Gentlemen; allow me to present to you the greatest invention since the wheel… Cheeseburger in a Can! Does it come with bacon?

And I have the perfect slogan for it; “Straight from the can to your can!”

Nigella Lawson Doesn’t Plan To Leave A Penny Of Her Fortune To Her Children

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Jan 292008

In case you are not familiar with her, Nigella Lawson is a British celebrity chef and the daughter of Conservative politician Nigel Lawson and Vanessa Salmon, a socialite and member of the family who co-owned the Lyons Corner House empire.

I think her decision is very wise. Trust fund kids usually turn to parties, drugs, drink, sex etc. to fill their time. Just look at Paris Hilton. Its better that Nigella’s kids work to earn a living than be set for life. Her decision takes a great deal of courage in today’s world!

I won’t be leaving my children a penny, says Nigella Lawson

As the daughter of a former Conservative chancellor, Nigella Lawson knows a thing or two about privileged upbringing.

But when it comes to raising her own children, the celebrity chef clearly believes in tough love.

She shares an estimated wealth of more than £110million with her husband, the marketing guru Charles Saatchi, and has a £7million London home.

However, Miss Lawson says she will leave none of it to her offspring.

It is not a decision with which her husband agrees.

Mr Saatchi, 64, is adamant that the children should be allowed to inherit the couple’s wealth – and the subject causes more than a little discord between them, according to Miss Lawson.

Mr Saatchi has one daughter, 12-year-old Phoebe from his first marriage.

Miss Lawson, 48, has two children, 13-year-old daughter Cosima and son Bruno, 11, from her marriage to the late journalist John Diamond.

Asked what she hoped the children would learn from her, Miss Lawson told the magazine My Weekly: “To know that I am working and that you have to work in order to earn money.

“I am determined that my children should have no financial security. It ruins people not having to earn money.

“I argue with my husband Charles, because he believes that you should be able to leave money to your children.

“I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.”

Miss Lawson has not said what she would rather do with the couple’s fortune, although she has worked closely with cancer charities after her mother, sister and first husband died of the disease.

The daughter of Nigel Lawson and Vanessa Salmon, a socialite and heiress to the Lyons Corner House empire, Miss Lawson married Mr Saatchi soon after her first husband died.

She moved into his Belgravia mansion shortly afterwards.

In 1998, she became a household name with the publication of her first cookery book How To Eat.

Since then she has sold more than three million books, including How To Be A Domestic Goddess.

Her most recent cookery show, Nigella Express, drew up to 3.2million viewers an episode.

However, while other celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver learned their trade in restaurant kitchens, Miss Lawson took a more glamorous route.

She attended Oxford University, although, by her own admission-she failed at school, and was made a deputy editor at the Sunday Times newspaper at 26.

She then became a freelance writer and food critic.

She is no stranger to the luxury lifestyle. She favours Vivienne Westwood dresses, Taittinger champagne and celebrity beauticians.

In 1995, Miss Lawson was sacked from presenting a show on Talk Radio for being at odds with the show’s “common touch” after revealing she employed people to do her shopping.

Mr Saatchi is one of the country’s richest men. He and his brother Maurice set up their first advertising company in 1976, then set up the marketing company, M&C Saatchi in 1995.

It is believed that Charles is worth at least £100million. The brothers are said to be worth £231million, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, which includes Charles’s multi-million pound modern art collection.

Miss Lawson is thought to be worth about £15million.

Measuring Your Liberal Quotient

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Jan 292008

By John W. Lillpop

Recognizing when your mind has become infested with liberalism, and knowing the full extent of that devastating news, is vital information that you should have in order to navigate life’s many dangerous obstacles and roadblocks.

This simple, yet scientific, test has been programmed to evaluate your “liberal quotient,” which is the exact opposite of intelligence quotient, and usually portends serious mental and moral defects.

The test:

1. Abortion

A. The privacy provision in the U.S. Constitution was authored by:

( ) Roe V. Wade, one of the original founding fathers.
( ) Sandra Day O’Connor.
( ) Paid lobbyists for Planned Parenthood and Code Pink

B. Abortions should be:

( ) Mandatory for all unmarried women.
( ) Included in universal health care coverage paid for by the government.
( ) Funded by eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

2. Global War on Terror

A. The war on terror is:

( ) Being fought everywhere in the world, except Iraq.
( ) Lost: The terrorists have won and America should surrender immediately.
( ) Proof that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are much smarter than George W. Bush.

B. Domestic Surveillance

President Bush has personally listened to calls made and received by Democrats and moderate Republicans. This type of domestic spying is OK as long as the president does not use racial profiling in deciding which calls to spy on.

( ) True ( ) False

3. Taxes

High taxes:

( ) Stimulate economic growth and create millions of secure, high paying jobs.
( ) Are needed to keep overachievers modest
( ) Should be paid by any family with an annual income in excess of $7,450.

4. Energy and Dependence on Foreign Oil

A. Drilling for new oil reserves in America is:

( ) Prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.
( ) Sure to irritate Muslim leaders whom Bush should be working with, rather than against.
( ) Unnecessary if automobiles are outlawed.

B. Additional refining capacity would:

( ) Increase demand, thereby causing more global warming.
( ) Be the moral equivalent of the Holocaust.
( ) Be OK in blue states if built by brown illegal aliens.

C. The best option for dealing with the high cost of gasoline is to:

( ) Ignore it. Americans drive too much as it is.
( ) Raise gasoline taxes $5.50 per gallon to reduce demand.
( ) Cut off supplies to Red states.
( ) Ignore it–higher prices will drive Bush’s poll numbers even lower.

5. Illegal immigration

A. Illegal immigration is:

( ) Needed by liberals in order to win elections.
( ) A misnomer. They are actually undocumented Democrats!
( ) Mexico’s chief export.

B. Border security should be:

( ) Ignored, because we need cheap lettuce.
( ) Ignored, because we need cheap lettuce and more Democrats.
( ) Used to keep Republicans out of the United States.

C. The fence between the United States and Mexico is:

( ) Unconstitutional. It discriminates against Mexicans too fat to scale a fence.
( ) A good idea if it will stop the Minutemen from invading Mexico.

D. Bush’s proposed immigration reform scheme:

( ) Will work if guest workers are required to join a labor union.
( ) Should be approved by Mexico before being sent to Congress
( ) Sounds like amnesty, but Mexicans here illegally deserve amnesty!

E. Janet Napolitano, Democrat governor of Arizona:
( ) Thinks ‘’Minutemen’’ is a reference to the sexual staying power of Border Patrol agents.
( ) Was for Illegal Immigration before she was against it.
( ) Was a “stealth” candidate in Mexico’s presidential election in 2007

6. Using Liberalism to Understand Islam

A. Ramadan:

( ) Is a scared Muslim ritual that has been commercialized into a national hotel chain—Ramada Inn—by greedy American capitalists.
( ) Is not covered by constitutional separation of church and state, because the founding fathers were all Christian Caucasians.

B. The Koran:

( ) Specifically identifies George W. Bush as the anti-Allah.
( ) Names Barack Obama as the candidate most committed to change.
( ) Is needed to counter Judeo-Christian propaganda found in the Bible.

C. Mosques:

( ) Are holy sanctuaries, except when used to plot nuclear attacks against Israel.
( ) Are never used to hide weapons, except during time of war. Because of infidels, Islam has always been, and will always be, at war.

D. The practice of rewarding martyrs with 72 virgins:

( ) Makes far more sense that the Christian myth about a virgin giving birth to a Jew come to save the world.
( ) Assures that Allah will always have a large contingent of dedicated, virile young men eager to give their very lives for the righteous cause of Islam.
( ) Proves that Christians who promote abstinence are extremists who do not understand spirituality in this life nor the one to follow!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed this objective assessment of your vulnerability as a practicing liberal.

Because we understand that self-esteem and confidence are very fragile commodities to liberals, we provide neither answers nor grades to this test. This is essential to protect those who may have performed poorly.

But rest assured that you did GREAT– like everyone else, regardless of sex, nationality, race, language, sexual preference, age, blah, blah, blah!

Mario Batali Talks About Being A Celebrity Chef

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Jan 282008

Mario Batali talks about being a Celebrity Chef and in the process shows us what a good television personality he really is.

Batali gives celebrity view on celebrity

“It’s like this,” Mario Batali said, sitting in his Eighth Street restaurant and talking about being famous. “I’m happy to sign autographs and do all of that, but there are times when I’m just trying to eat breakfast with my kids and the person I ask to wait for an autograph calls me an asshole. I’m not going to go off, though, like some celebrities, and punch a paparazzo or anything.”

But that’s the beauty of New York, he said. “Even if 8 million people hate you, there’s still 9 million people left, and a lot of them will still come to your restaurant.”

The Food Network alumnus – famous for his show “Molto Mario” – talked to GSP sophomores from professor Elayne Tobin’s course, “Celebrity: A Cultural and Historical Exploration of Modern Fame.” They ate a three-course meal at his restaurant Otto.

Batali reflected upon his experiences and relationships, drawing upon time spent with his college roommate James Gandolfini (later, of “The Sopranos”), his work in the restaurant business and his celebrity friends – like Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he recently filmed a television special about Spain.

Batali said it can be hard to toe the line between being a celebrity and being a chef.

“It’s the ability to back celebrity chef status up in the real world – that’s what often makes the difference between having a restaurant and all of this and a situation like Rocco,” Batali said, referencing the reality TV chef whose restaurant and celebrity status, Batali believes, have been altered by personal and business conflicts.

The TV personality explained the personal and strategic importance of the look communicated by his black polar fleece, basic button-down shirt and his signature orange Crocs.

But he tries to use his success for the greater good, Batali said. For example, his $4,500 watch is a limited edition from his new line of customized watches, from which 10 percent of the profits will be donated to the Food Bank, one of his favorite causes.

Batali left the Food Network in 2004, when his show “Molto Mario” ended. He said newer Food Network shows, for which Batali had unkind words, are different than his was.

“Everybody focuses more on things like getting it done in 30 minutes than doing it authentically,” Batali said.

Still, he said he does not mind the change too much.

“At the end of the day, I’m happy to have anyone cook anything – I’m more against Arby’s and McDonald’s than people who cut corners and whatever to get dinner on the table.”

Are Barack Obama Supporters Now Part Of The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

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Jan 282008

The Clinton’s have always counted on a divide and conquer strategy. The Liberals are now starting to grow weary of the Bill and Hillary’s divisive tactics against one of their own. It’s one thing to play dirty politics against the Republicans, after all the ends justify the means, but against a fellow Liberal? Now that is totally unacceptable!

It is all priceless and Liberals are just now asking what kind of people are the Clintons? Maybe the Conservatives were right about Bill Clinton after all.

Is the right right on the Clintons?

Something strange happened the other day. All these different people — friends, co-workers, relatives, people on a liberal e-mail list I read — kept saying the same thing: They’ve suddenly developed a disdain for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Maybe this is just a coincidence, but I think we’ve reached an irrevocable turning point in liberal opinion of the Clintons.

The sentiment seems to be concentrated among Barack Obama supporters. Going into the campaign, most of us liked Hillary Clinton just fine, but the fact that tens of millions of Americans are seized with irrational loathing for her suggested that she might not be a good Democratic nominee. But now that loathing seems a lot less irrational. We’re not frothing Clinton haters like … well, name pretty much any conservative. We just really wish they’d go away.

The big turning point seems to be this week, when the Clintons slammed Obama for acknowledging that Ronald Reagan changed the country. Everyone knows Reagan changed the country. Bill and Hillary have said he changed the country. But they falsely claimed that Obama praised Reagan’s ideas, saying he was a better president than Clinton — something he didn’t say and surely does not believe.

This might have been the most egregious case, but it wasn’t the first. Before the New Hampshire primaries, Clinton supporters e-mailed pro-choice voters claiming that Obama was suspect on abortion rights because he had voted “present” instead of “no” on some votes. (In fact, the president of the Illinois chapter of Planned Parenthood said she had coordinated strategy with Obama and wanted him to vote “present.”) Recently, there have been waves of robocalls in South Carolina repeatedly attacking “Barack Hussein Obama.”

I crossed the Clinton Rubicon a couple of weeks ago when, in the course of introducing Hillary, Clinton supporter and Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson invoked Obama’s youthful drug use. This was disgusting on its own terms, but worse still if you know anything about Johnson. I do — I once wrote a long profile of him. He has a sleazy habit of appropriating the logic of civil rights for his own financial gain. He also has a habit of aiding conservative crusades to eliminate the estate tax and privatize Social Security by falsely claiming they redistribute wealth from African Americans to whites. The episode reminded me of the Clintons’ habit of surrounding themselves with the most egregious characters: Dick Morris, Marc Rich and so on.

The Clinton campaign is trying to make it seem as if the complaint is about negativity, and it is pointing out that Obama has criticized Hillary as well. That’s what politicians are supposed to do when they compete for votes. But criticism isn’t the same thing as lying and sleaze-mongering.

Am I starting to sound like a Clinton hater? It’s a scary thought. Of course, to conservatives, it’s a delicious thought. The Wall Street Journal published a gloating editorial noting that liberals had suddenly learned “what everyone else already knows about the Clintons.” (By “everyone,” it means Republicans.)

It made me wonder: Were the conservatives right about Bill Clinton all along? Maybe not right to set up a perjury trap so they could impeach him, but right about the Clintons’ essential nature? Fortunately, the Journal’s attempt to convince us that the Clintons have always been unscrupulous liars seemed to prove the opposite. Its examples of Clintonian lies were their claims that Bob Dole wanted to cut Medicare, that there was a vast right-wing conspiracy, that Paula Jones was “trailer trash” and that Kenneth Starr was a partisan.

Except Dole did vote to cut Medicare, there was a vast right-wing conspiracy and Starr was and is a rabid partisan. (“Trailer trash” is, of course, a matter of opinion, and it’s a cruel thing to say, but as far as whether it’s a lie — well, it’s not like they called William F. Buckley “trailer trash.”)

So maybe the answer is that the Clintons would have smeared their opponents in the 1990s, but lying is unnecessary when the other party is doing things such as voting to slash Medicare to pay for a big tax cut for the rich.

But the conservatives might have had a point about the Clintons’ character. Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky jeopardized the whole progressive project for momentary pleasure. The Clintons gleefully triangulated the Democrats in Congress to boost his approval rating. They do seem to have a feeling of entitlement to power.

If Hillary wins the nomination, most of us will probably vote for her because the alternative is likely to be worse. But what happens if she’s embroiled in another scandal? Will liberals rally behind her, or will they remember the Democratic primary?

Jonathan Chait, a contributing editor to Opinion and a senior editor at the New Republic, is the author of “The Big Con: The True Story of How Washington Got Hoodwinked and Hijacked by Crackpot Economics.”

The Foo Fighters’ 10 Best Cover Tunes

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Jan 282008

The SFC has compiled a list of what they consider the 10 best cover tunes ever performed by Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters’ with YouTube links for each are included.

They did leave one out that I think is better than the original; Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street.

When all is said and done, the Foo Fighters’ will be considered one of the all-time greats. They are an amazingly talented group.

Foo Fighters’ favorite covers

While Foo Fighters’ by-the-numbers arena rock has mostly made us shrug over the past decade, there’s no knocking the band’s favorite source material. We hunted high and low (OK, mostly low) and came up with what we consider the 10 best cover tunes Dave Grohl and his ever-evolving cast of band mates, who play Saturday at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, have knocked out over the years. If you care to disagree, you know where to reach us.

Here’s the list:

Born on the Bayou (Originally performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival.) Not everyone can chase down the hoodoo like John Fogerty. But Grohl gave it his all when Foo Fighters covered this classic 1969 CCR jam at the Hurricane Katrina benefit “Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast” and later released it as a B-side on the “Resolve” CD single. (Watch it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCCW.)

Band on the Run (Originally performed by Paul McCartney and Wings.) Foo Fighters bravely face down the multi-part Wings epic and dutifully rock its world. Look for it on the BBC Radio 1 anniversary compilation “Established in 1967.” (Watch it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCCY.)

Holiday in Cambodia (Originally performed by the Dead Kennedys.) With System of a Down’s Serj Tankian sitting in with the band, Foo Fighters detonated their hotel room at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards with this primitive punk throwback. Kanye? 50? Grohl was the clear-cut winner. (Watch it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCCZ.)

Never Talking to You Again (Originally performed by Husker Du.) It’s no secret that Grohl is a huge Husker Du fan. In the Foo Fighters song “Times Like These,” he sang, “I’m a new day rising,” slyly referencing the seminal Minneapolis punk band’s album “New Day Rising.” Here, armed with just an acoustic guitar, Grohl strips one of the Du’s best-known songs down to its emotional core. (Listen to it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCDA.)

Keep the Car Running (Originally performed by the Arcade Fire.) Talk about dedication. Foo Fighters had to recruit an actual accordion to pull off this faithful cover of the propulsive Arcade Fire anthem during an appearance on the BBC’s “Live Lounge.” “I chose this song ’cause I listen to it every morning when I wake up and I figured it’d be a great song to do here ’cause I’m still waking and I figure can’t wake up till I listen to this song, so I might as well play it,” Grohl said. (Watch it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCDB.)

Stairway to Heaven (Originally performed by Led Zeppelin.) After years of abuse at the hands of first-year guitar students, this song is not easy to play with a straight face. So Grohl doesn’t even try. Despite a few flubbed notes, lyrical blanks and four-letter words uttered under his breath, he still manages to make it sound respectfully tender. Well, almost. (Watch it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCDC.)

Darling Nikki (Originally performed by Prince.) This was another cover the Foos trotted out at the Video Music Awards but have been playing for years (it was originally released as the B-side to the Australian edition of 2003’s “Have It All” single). Even without Cee-Lo on the vocals, it’s incredible to hear the rock heroes so effectively sex up this old-school Prince jam. Naturally, the Purple One returned the favor when he unexpectedly covered Foo Fighters’ “Best of You” at last year’s Super Bowl. (Watch it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCDD.)

Tiny Dancer (Originally performed by Elton John.) “A song I don’t think I’d ever heard until I saw ‘Almost Famous,’ ” Grohl jokes in the long-winded spoken-word intro to this acoustic cover performed on “The Late, Late Show With Craig Kilborn.” It’s tagged as a comedy clip on YouTube, but when he’s not yapping away, the Foo Fighters front man shows that he is truly the most versatile man in rock, brilliantly updating the old John staple and leading the studio audience in a touching sing-along. (Watch it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCDE.)

Blackbird (Originally performed by the Beatles.) Foo Fighters work their magic on another McCartney gem, transforming it with manic drums and an improvised acoustic guitar flight. “How does it go again?” someone asks after they’ve completely reinvented the tune as an acoustic punk masterpiece. Who cares? (Listen to it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCDF.)

Have a Cigar (Originally performed by Pink Floyd.) The Foo Fighters took on this Floyd epic from “Wish You Were Here” not once, but twice. The second time they brought in Queen’s Brian May to help them out. The result? A dependable rocker that wound up on the B-side of “Learn to Fly” and wouldn’t have sounded entirely out of place on Nirvana’s “In Utero.” (Listen to it here: links.sfgate.com/ZCDH.)


Romanian Newspaper’s Stirring Pro-American Editorial: An Ode to America

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Jan 272008

Americans are pleased and fascinated when newspapers in other countries run strongly pro-American articles; especially these days.

This article was written by Cornel Nistorescu and published under the title “Cîntarea Americii” in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentul zilei (“The Daily Event” or “News of the Day”). It may be a few years old, but it is still uplifting and amazing.

Why are Americans so united? They don’t resemble one another even if you paint them! They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations. Some of them are nearly extinct, others are incompatible with one another, and in matters of religious beliefs, not even God can count how many they are. Still, the American tragedy turned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart. Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the army, the secret services that they are only a bunch of losers. Nobody rushed to empty their bank accounts. Nobody rushed on the streets nearby to gape about. The Americans volunteered to donate blood and to give a helping hand. After the first moments of panic, they raised the flag on the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colours of the national flag. They placed flags on buildings and cars as if in every place and on every car a minister or the president was passing. On every occasion they started singing their traditional song: “God Bless America!”.

Silent as a rock, I watched the charity concert broadcast on Saturday once, twice, three times, on different tv channels. There were Clint Eastwood, Willie Nelson, Robert de Niro, Julia Roberts, Cassius Clay, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Springsteen, Silvester Stalone, James Wood, and many others whom no film or producers could ever bring together. The American’s solidarity spirit turned them into a choir. Actually, choir is not the word. What you could hear was the heavy artillery of the American soul. What neither George W. Bush, nor Bill Clinton, nor Colin Powell could say without facing the risk of stumbling over words and sounds, was being heard in a great and unmistakable way in this charity concert. I don’t know how it happened that all this obsessive singing of America didn’t sound croaky, nationalist, or ostentatious! It made you green with envy because you weren’t able to sing for your country without running the risk of being considered chauvinist, ridiculous, or suspected of who-knows-what mean interests. I watched the live broadcast and the rerun of its rerun for hours listening to the story of the guy who went down one hundred floors with a woman in a wheelchair without knowing who she was, or of the Californian hockey player, who fought with the terrorists and prevented the plane from hitting a target that would have killed other hundreds of thousands of people. How on earth were they able to bow before a fellow human? Imperceptibly, with every word and musical note, the memory of some turned into a modern myth of tragic heroes. And with every phone call, millions and millions of dollars were put in a collection aimed at rewarding not a man or a family, but a spirit which nothing can buy.

What on earth can unite the Americans in such a way? Their land? Their galloping history? Their economic power? Money? I tried for hours to find an answer, humming songs and murmuring phrases which risk of sounding like commonplaces. I thought things over, but I reached only one conclusion.

Only freedom can work such miracles!

An Ode to America (Evenimentul Zilei)

Ten Steps to Understanding Liberal Thinking

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Jan 262008

The liberal brain does not collect and process information in a logical,orderly, reasonable, and objective manner. Rather, liberal thinking is dominated by an obsession with power, and use of that power to preserve and or advance elitist advantages.

This distorted perspective makes it very difficult to understand exactly how liberals think without earning an advanced degree in Abnormal Psychology.

Nonetheless, the following non-technical summary should be useful to lay people.

How liberals think on 10 major issues of the day:

1. The U.S. Constitution Is Unconstitutional
According to liberal dogma, the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights are unconstitutional because all were crafted by an exclusive conclave of white male Christians.

Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, the handicapped, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and the blind were all under represented, if at all.

Because of this devastating lack of diversity, the Constitution must be regarded as a “living document,” subject to change in accordance with ever changing demographics and contemporary values.

2. Free Speech
Freedom of speech must never be quashed, except for criticism directed at minorities and sensitive constituencies of the Democrat party.

Burning Old Glory is protected free speech, whereas expressions of conservative values by people like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are unacceptable “hate speech,” which must be subjected to “fairness” censoring and termination by the federal government.

3. Abortion, the Death Penalty and Assisted Suicide

On issues of life and death, liberals are especially vulnerable to tripping on their own hypocritical double talk.


A woman’s right to abort the life of an innocent child is inalienable; whereas execution of a convicted killer is cruel, unusual & barbaric.

Starving a helpless victim like Terri Schaivo to death is acceptable; but using lethal injection to end the life of a brutal killer is not.

4. Religion

Religious faith and belief in God are outdated pagan concepts, which do more harm than good. Sophisticated citizens can rely on the Democrat party for support from cradle to grave, obviating the need to rely on beliefs and rituals long since debunked.

Symbols of Christianity such as the Ten Commandments, the Cross, Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and the like must be hidden from public view so as to offend no one.

Publicly wishing a friend or family member “Merry Christmas” is clearly an act of civil disobedience and unconstitutional.

While Christianity is to be suppressed at all costs, Islam must be openly promoted in the name of religious awareness, sensitivity and tolerance.

The separation of state and government applies fully when dealing with Christianity or Judaism, but is irrelevant with regard to Islam and all other religions.

Delivery of Christmas cards and gifts by the United States Postal Service is an unconstitutional violation of state-religion separation and must end immediately.

5. Taxes
Leveling the playing field between haves and have-nots is the most important function of government, even more critical than national security.

To support that objective, no government role is more essential than levying and collecting taxes, otherwise known as redistribution of wealth.

Tax cuts are wrong when returned to people who actually paid taxes, but are perfectly fine when sent to those who paid none.

Although most liberals deny that Jesus even lived, many use the quote in Matthew 22:21, “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s…” to justify higher taxes.

Paying taxes is the “Christian Conservative” thing to do!

6. Marriage and Same-Sex Issues
The traditional American family consisting of one man and one woman is just one of several possible arrangements, all of which are equally moral and acceptable.

Marriage is no longer necessary to sanctify man-woman relationships.

Although the institution of marriage is no longer vital to heterosexual partners, it is absolutely essential that same-sex couples be allowed to marry. To deny them that basic right is discriminatory, immoral, unfair, and clearly unconstitutional.

7 Racism, Diversity and Affirmative Action

Liberals believe that discrimination based on race or gender is wrong. Except when waged against Caucasian men, in which case it is mandated by law and called Affirmative Action.

“Our Diversity Is our Greatest Strength” is the liberal pledge of allegiance to socialism.

Enforcing U.S. borders and immigration laws, including deportation of illegal aliens, is wrong because it targets Hispanics, obviously based on racial profiling.

Those who support English as the official language of America are racists. But those who prefer Spanish and other foreign languages over English are not because of the inherent value of diversity.

Conservatives who seek to preserve American language and culture are bigoted hate mongers, whereas new immigrants, including illegal aliens, must be allowed to maintain and celebrate their cultural heritage at all costs, even if it interferes with assimilation into mainstream America.

8. Preserving the American Dream for Working Class Americans
According to liberal propaganda, they are the only hope for American families, notwithstanding the fact that Democrats support the influx of millions of illegal aliens who work for lower wages and without benefits, and drive down the standard of living for working families.

Skyrocketing gasoline prices devastate working American families, but protecting Alaskan wild life is a greater priority.

Businesses are oppressive institutions that must not be allowed to become too large and powerful. By contrast, government creates wealth & happiness and should be expanded whenever possible.

Outsourcing of American jobs to foreign nations is driven by immoral corporate greed.

By contrast, open borders and amnesty are acceptable because most illegal aliens are future Democrats.

Huge profits are obscene and un-American, except when enjoyed by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, Teddy Kennedy, and other liberals.

9. Global Warming, the Environment, and Energy Independence
According to liberal technocrats like Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, and Dennis Kucinich, global warming is a greater threat to the health and well being of humanity than the war on terror.

Some liberal extremists even think that the colors of the American flag should be changed to green, white, and blue so as to reflect the importance of the environment to our nation, while simultaneously deleting the color red, which symbolizes blood shed in illegal wars waged by Bushes 41 and 43.

10. Use of Military Force, Invading Foreign Nations
Military force must never be used, except when needed to advance interests not vital to the United States, or to obscure a Democrat president’s sexual misconduct in the Oval Office.

Invading a foreign nation is wrong, except when aliens from Mexico invade America.

Understanding liberal thinking is probably more trouble than it is worth. The more prudent action would be to take all necessary steps to assure that liberals are not elected or reelected to political office.

A High School Talent Show with Real Talent

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Jan 262008

My High School never had talent anywhere near this. Here is Nick Poczynek playing “Cliffs of Dover” by Eric Johnson. And to think, he could have used all that time he spent learning on a real guitar to play it on Guitar Hero.

Kingwood High School Talent Show

“LOST” Parody: With Entertainment Like This, Who Cares About A Writer’s’ Strike?

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Jan 262008

If you are a fan of LOST, then you will enjoy this parody. Here is a little more entertainment for the weekend.

LOST – What Will Happen Next? – Episode 1
With season 4 of LOST premiering Jan. 31st, RavenStake.com shows what might happen in the new episodes. Created by Benny & Rafi Fine.

Quote Of The Day

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Jan 252008

Mitt Romney from last night’s Republican debate in Florida when Tim Russert asked him “How would you run against Hillary and Bill Clinton in November?”

“I frankly can’t wait, because the idea of Bill Clinton back in the White House with nothing to do, is something I just can’t imagine. I can’t imagine, the American people can’t imagine.”