Nov 192007

Joe Morette, a New Hampshire farmer has found a unique way to fatten up his turkeys before Thanksgiving. He feeds them a steady diet of protein and beer. This gives new meaning to “Wild Turkey”.

Turkeys Fed Beer To Fatten Up Before Thanksgiving

The owner of a Henniker, New Hampshire turkey farm is using beer to fatten up his birds. (video: MyFoxBoston)

“The turkeys, as well as other animals, like beer,” says owner Joe Morette. “I’m one of them.”

He goes through between 50 to 60 cans a day for the nearly 300 birds on his farm.

“It slows them down a little. They’re enjoying their life,” says Morette.

At least until Thanksgiving.

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  1. Not sure if anyone wil respond or not, but at what age of the turkey, is it ok to start giving them beer?



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