Oct 072015

It kills your enemies… then slowly kills you.

When facing down the enemy you want the biggest gun available. A portable nuclear firing weapon would be the end of the opposition on the other end of the battlefield.

Well, the M65 recoilless nuclear rifle was tested by the U.S. military and received the nickname “the Davy Crockett,” due to its knock-down power. It was essentially a portable nuclear warhead but the weapon was found to have one major flaw. The nuclear fallout from the weapon didn’t out-distance the three miles it could fire.

Soldiers who fired the weapon were irradiated by their own weapon, especially if the wind was blowing back their direction.
The M65 recoilless nuclear rifle was never fielded on the battlefield, for obvious reasons. It is an interesting, and dangerous, failed experiment in military history.


M65 Recoilless Nuclear Rifle

Oct 072015

a very avid fisherman

A funeral procession pulled into a cemetery. Several carloads of family members followed a black truck towing a boat with a coffin in it.

A passer-by remarked, “That guy must have been a very avid fisherman.”

“Oh, he still is,” remarked one of the mourners. As a matter of fact, he’s headed off to the lake as soon as we bury his wife.”



Oct 072015

Make Tomato Sauce With A Cheese Grater

Justin Chapple has a handy tip for making fresh, flavorful tomato sauce that you don’t even have to cook! Weeknight dinners just got a whole lot easier.


I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like pasta. I mean, how can anybody not love a warm bowl of al dente pasta with a fragrant, herby tomato sauce? But when most people make their tomato-based pasta sauce, they tend to reach for the canned variety. Why? Because it’s convenient and most people think that making a fresh homemade tomato sauce is just way too complicated. Apparently, it’s a lot simpler than they think. Thanks to Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple, we now know the amazing trick to easily making your own fresh tomato sauce made from simple, pure ingredients.



Oct 072015
Rubber Chicken A very gentle Texas lady was driving across a high bridge outside San Antonio one day. As she neared the top of the bridge, she noticed a young man fixin’ to jump. She stopped her car, rolled down the window and said, “Please don’t jump! Think of your dear mother and father!”

“Mom and Dad are both dead,” he said sadly, then turned back toward his doom. “I’m going to jump!”

“Wait!” she said. “Think of your wife and children!”

“My wife left me,” he replied, “and I don’t have any kids.”

“Well, then,” she said, grasping at straws, “think of the Alamo!”

He replied, “What’s the Alamo?”

“Well bless your heart,” she said. “Just go ahead and jump, you dumb ass Yankee!”



Oct 062015

Tips on how to grow garlic and get the best results from your own organic garden.

How To Grow And Harvest Garlic

When to Plant: Plant in fall, about 6 weeks before hard frost. Set large, firm individual cloves point up in well-prepared soil, burying cloves an inch or two below ground level in mild zones, and at twice that depth in cold-winter areas.

Watering: Keep area weeded and watered.

Soil: Organic rich, well drained.

Days to Harvest: Depending on weather conditions, autumn-planted garlic should be ready to harvest about 9 to 10 months later, in July.

How to Harvest: Always dig your garlic, never try and pull it. You may have planted a small clove, but the bulb is now several inches deep with a strong root system.



Oct 062015
See if you can figure out three words that are homophones of each other in each of the five problems below.

1. Worthless – flat piece moving with the air – blood vessel
2. Path or direction – to measure weight – watery part of milk
3. Having no money – careful study; microscopic hole – to flow freely
4. Warty frog – having toes – pulled ahead
5. A cry – welt; corduroy ridge – large oceanic mammal



Oct 052015

From reheating leftovers evenly to reviving dried honey and mascara, your microwave is pretty darn useful.


9 essential quick microwave tricks that you must know, from perfectly cleaning it in minutes to cooking eggs to perfectly reheat your food with no cold spots. Each of them is 20 seconds or less.